Medical Marijuana: Questions, Concerns, and Manipulation.

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  1. Hello miss Hardin, I am rather disgusted with our state officials right now. The law for medical marjuana has passed. But still I cannot get any clear answers from state officials or doctors about what doctors if any are taking part in the medical marijuana. What I can say is they have so far dragged ass.
    Whined and threatened the medical community with threats of taking doctors licenses and also patients from voting on the matter. What can I do to secure my ability to get medical marijuana when it is available? Also I am on harsh pain killers and I still am not getting much relief. So I definitely qualify. I have looked at all qualification standards. Can you help me find a physician and will you be helping those who need medical marijuana? What can you do for me And what will it cost?

    • Hi Mr. Smith,
      Thank you for your comments. I must say that I agree with your assessment of how state officials are dealing with the medical marijuana issue.

      As far as helping those who need medical marijuana, I practice Social Security Disability law and am not personally involved in the business or medicine of medical marijuana. However, if you believe you will qualify for this treatment option under the new law, you might try calling Betsy Hendricks MD at the AR Center. Dr. Hendricks is a supporter of Medical Marijuana as a treatment option. She and her staff are gearing up to help patients get their cards if they qualify under the new law.

      Best of luck to you, and I do hope you are able to find some relief from your pain.

  2. I have my application filled out and approved by my Doctor. I have 2 questions… Gun rights. And pain management. I’m currently prescribed hydrcodone and a muscle relaxer will I lose my pain medicine? In Arkansas

    • Hi Sara, Thank you for your questions. I am not an expert in MMJ law, or gun law. I would ask your pain management doctor about the pain medicine, and whether you are at risk of losing access to this. I have not heard of this happening, but you never know!
      Best wishes, Deborah

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