6 Steps to Unlawful Detainer – Step 5: Execution of the Writ of Possession

IMG_7809The 6 Steps to Unlawful Detainer

Part 5 of a 6 part series on the Unlawful Detainer Action in Arkansas.

So, you acquired a Writ of Possession during Step 4. Now, it is time to get your property back!

Step 5: Execution of the Writ of Possession

Now, it is time to contact your local sheriff’s office. The sheriff will do the actual work of getting the tenants out the door.

To get started, the sheriff will need the following:

  • Writ of Possession, signed by the clerk of the court.
  • A good physical address (not just legal description) in the same county as the sheriff.
  • About $50.00 to execute the writ of possession.

NOTICE: After receiving the signed writ of possession, the sheriff will start by notifying the tenant that the writ has been issued. The sheriff does this by delivering a copy of the writ of possession to the tenant or another person eligible to receive the notice, or by posting the writ on the front door of the property.

Once the sheriff has delivered notice to the tenants, he or she will submit an affidavit called “Sheriff’s Return” describing when and how notice was left, or if they were unable to deliver the notice.

Here is what a Sheriff’s Return might look like:



PROPERTY OWNER                                                                         PLAINTIFF

vs.                                           CASE NO:                                           


TENANT AND/OR OCCUPANT                                                                   DEFENDANT


STATE OF ARKANSAS                  )

COUNTY OF LONOKE                   )


On this ____ day of __________________, 2016, at ______ o’clock a.m./p.m. I have duly served the within Writ of Possession by delivering a copy thereof (or stating the substance therein), to ___________ such person being:


[   ] the person named therein as Defendant

[ ] some person residing at Defendant’s dwelling house or usual place of abode who is at least fourteen (14) years of age, namely________________.

[ ] by placing a copy of the Writ conspicuously upon the front door of the above-described property more than eight (8) hours after receipt of this Writ, during which time I was unable to find the defendant or any other person authorized to receive summons in civil actions.

[   ] OTHER:_________________________________________________________________

_____________________, Sheriff

Service: $_____                                                                       _____________________, D.S.

REMOVAL: If the tenants remain on the property 24 hours after receiving notice from the Sheriff, the sheriff will contact you for assistance with removing the tenants’ belongings. At that time, the sheriff will remove the tenants (forcibly, if necessary).

Congratulations, you finally have your property back!

Now, what can you do about all of the money that your ex-tenants owe you?  Who will pay for any damage that was done to your property? Time to proceed to step 6: The Second Hearing.

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